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One-on-one Coaching with Tom Barila, M.Ed, CCE

Hi and thanks for visiting my one-on-one coaching page.  (More about Tom)

Each of us encounters challenges, change,  and adversity. How we handle them and move forward makes all the difference.   Content and successful people benefit when  they turn to a coach and/or mentor for guidance.   I certainly have and I want to pay it forward.


Sometimes “self-help”  works...and that’s great when it does.   But at times, self-help can’t get you where you need to be--- that’s when we need someone who has been there before.  A coach can help guide you forward by identifying roadblocks and resolving limiting barriers that might be holding you back.  It could be an interpersonal dilemma, job related issue, deep disappointment, health scare, family situation, a loss, or any combination of the above.


As your coach, I will be a trustworthy and impactful guide who works with you through powerful, one-on-one coaching conversations. The process we go through together will result in an action plan to help you achieve your goals, to resolve a particular problem, or gain a new perspective.  I will also serve as motivator, accountability partner, and strategist.


During this time of uncertainity and special challenges, I'm ready to walk with you to help you keep focused and to take circumstances one day at a time.  Let's control what we can control.    In you're unable to meet in person, today’s technology offers many options from phone calls or video calls such as FaceTime, Skype or Zoom. 


 I look forward to working with you!  Please click here to read more about Tom.

How do we get started?  

  1. Please e-mail or call (804-888-9900)  to schedule a 15-minute exploratory (inquiry) conversation.   During our exploratory conversation, we'll make sure there’s good chemistry and that you are comfortable that I can be a helpful coach where your situation or issue is concerned.  All conversations are confidential.
  2. If at this initial exploratory conversation we decide to move forward, I’ll explain expectations, fee, duration and action plan.  Since each situation is as unique as you, next steps may include one of the assessments referenced below or some other preparation for our next time together. 
  3. The most important relationship you will work on in our coaching sessions is the one between your ears. By examining your own way of thinking and looking at the world, you will make a tremendous difference in your own life. The road to change  is not without obstacles. Yet, it is a road worth traveling, a journey worth taking. 


Your Next step

Please e-mail or call (804-888-9900) to get started or to answer any questions you may have!   I'm looking forward to hearing from you.  


By the way, I am certified with the following assessments/tools should we decide to use one of them. 


Please click on the link to read more of the details:


Transformational Conversations:  Feeling stuck?  Need a different perspective?  This coaching helps one grow in ways of learning and ways of knowing by exploring the experiential,  spiritual, relational, and instructional dynamics. Read more... 


Enrichment Coaching For Couples:  Want to improve your relationship with your significant other?   Trying to understand how one's family history is shaping the relationship?    I coach both married and unmarried couples who want to understand and improve their relationship and a whole lot more.  Read more...


Grip-Birkman Blueprint:   A powerful assessment tool that captures self-concepts, social expectations, stress behaviors, and occupational interests valuable to both work and life.  The coaching also helps those who want to understand how one's natural gifts intersect with one's spirtual strengths.  Read more...    


Boost -  Proactive Mental Skill Training: Coaching for athletes, musicians, and others who want to sharpen their focus and be in great best mental shape too. Read more...