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Wednesday, July 29 2020
Invincible Teams by Aaron

If someone asked you do you think your team is at peak performance? How would your rate your team?

Across the world, teams on average come in at 58%.  I invest in teams now beause I have seen teams go sideways.  I have seen leaders who are in it for themselves - and I have seen myself lean down that same path.  I wanted something different, and I believe you can build an Invincible Team!

But it takes work.

Invincible helps you assess your team and figure out wahere to focus to improve. 

With Invincible, we know:

...who to involve.
...where to focus.
...what to measure. to deliver.
...why it works.

When your team becomes Invincible, you will have a culture that embraces the idea of being FOR one another, that has experiences like this:

                                                                                      From This ..... To This

                                                                                            Drama ..... Engagement

                                                                                            Hostility ..... High Trust

                                                                                    Misalignment ..... Common Goals

                                                                               Missed Targets ..... A Sense of Winning

                                                                          Missed Opportunities ..... Maximized Potential

The bottom line is, when you create a healthy culture, your people love coming to work, and everyone feels like they are doing their part to help their team, and the organization, win.

Let me know when you have 15 minutes to connect -- I'm really excited about what we can do to make your team Invincible!

I am FOR you this week!