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January's TOPIC: Taming Technology

Happy New Year!   

Impact 2020 is Strengthening Endeavor's vision for the year.  How we spur others to their full potential is crucial in all our relationships. 

One of my "time leaks" that I am very aware of is the use of technology.   I love technology but I also need to right-size its use.  Why not start 2020 with one (or two) new exercises to free you up for more relational time with others?  

Enjoy!  Tom


January's Leadership Minute: Taming Technology

We all ENJOY and NEED technology!

It's easy to appreciate what modern day technology brings us-mobile phones, laptops, tablets, MRIs, GPS, satellite TV, and the list goes on and on.  As an information professional and former CIO for over 40 years, I've seen a tremendous amount of technological gains with all of their corresponding benefits. 

However, when there's too much of a good thing and it's too readily accessible, it's easy for us to get carried away.  That is, unless we intentionally and proactively establish healthy boundaries. 

Boundaries are like guardrails on a highway.  We need them!  When we start veering off the road at a high speed we are really glad they are there!

I'd like to offer 2 simple technology guardrails to help tame our technology habits.  Today's focus is on mobile phones.  

1.  Park your phone at a decent hour in the evening.  Just like you park your car when it is done serving its purpose for the day, park your phone.  I aim to park my phone by 8pm in the kitchen.  Don't worry, the phone will still be there in the morning.  You can always use that old-fashioned alarm clock next to your bed!

2.  Control the number of notifications by monitoring them.  You can easily choose how many notifications you receive.  You can turn many of them off (like emails, social media, and other apps) and catch up on  them when it is most convenient for you. 

It might be challenging at first, but you will quickly notice the benefits.  Presence, peace of mind and slowing down. 

Remember, it takes effort to build some good habits. 

Take Care!