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February's Leadership Minute: Taming Technology (Part 2)

Impact 2020 is Strengthening Endeavor's vision for the year.  How we spur others to their full potential is crucial in all our relationships. 

Why not continue 2020 with one (or two) new exercises to free you up for more relational time with others?  (Please click here for January's Part 1 series on Taming Technology.)

Enjoy!  Tom


February's Leadership Minute: Taming Technology (Part 2)

Last month's focus was on mobile phones.  This month, let's take a look at e-mails.

Another time leak that sneaks up on me is the number of e-mails I receive.  Quarterly (or more often as needed), I make a conscious effort and take great joy in UNSUBSCRIBING to e-mails that I no longer read or need.   Wow it feels good to UNSUBSCRIBE!  Why waste your time and focus on info you don't need?  Go ahead and UNSUBSCRIBE!


While you are at it, pay attention to how often you are checking your e-mails on your computer or phone.   Is it hourly?  Is it when you receive an e-mail?  Another helpful exercise to tame technology is for you to set your schedule when you want to read and respond to e-mails.  I'm much more effective and efficient when I read and respond to e-mails in a block of time.   I tend to my e-mails @ 9 am and 4 pm. 


Finally, especially in a work environment, sometimes it is much easier to walk over to a collegue and give them a verbal update rather than writing an e-mail.    Try a brief "stand-up" update and see how it goes.