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Boost - Proactive Mental Skill Training

I help teach people to be confident, present and in control.  I am one of Boost’s Cognitive Fitness Instructors. The process  will teach individuals and groups how to gain the most competitive edge in sport, life and business by developing and enhancing their mental skills with regards to motivation, focus, confidence, self-talk, mindfulness and leadership. 

What's Next.   Take the free assessement and instantly receive your individual customized profile to review your strengths and weaknesses.     After reading your assessement results that will be e-mailed to you,  you have the option of meeting with Tom to receive one-on-one coaching in order to zero in on the area of mental skills training of your choosing.   And/or, you can enroll in any of the on-line Boost coursework.   Fee:  Hourly rate based on duration and your choice of focused training.

More about Boost and the assessment.